Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Gossip Girl Season1 Episode1

Call me late, but I just watched Gossip Girl, even though it was out from the last fall. I even watched it because now, almost all of my friends are being crazy to dressed up like Blair Waldorf. I think, why don't I check it out? So my friend lent me her DVDs, and I think Gossip Girl is awesome! My friends were right about Blair! Well I've just watched their first episode, so I guess it's still a long way to go, huh?
Umm, over all, episode1 is good. But I think they put too much conflicts there. Well, it's TOO MUCH for first episode, knowing that they have 3 seasons already. I scared that I'm gonna be bored before I watch this series till the end. But counting at Blair and other character's Fashion Style, I guess it's still gonna entertain us even if they're making the 4th season. Agree?

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