Wednesday, February 25, 2009

School vs Sour Sally

School is not fair!! At today's religion lesson for example. There was a sudden quiz. I can answer most of the questions when my friends can't. I even help my friends to answer few questions so they're getting a good score. But when it's my turn, my teacher gave me a really hard question that I can't answer, just because I'm the 'Praying Community' leader!! Now I've just got 73, when the others got 83! Is that fair? I mean, if I got another, easier question like most of my friends got, I should've got a better score! Argh, how I hate school!

Well now, just forget about what happened at school. So, I entertained my self by buying Sour Sally. Yeay, it finally opens again!
I bought my self a medium Strawberry frozen yogurt with mochi and almond topping. Hmm, yumm!!

It's really brighten up my tiring day! ^^

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