Thursday, February 26, 2009

Verses Of The Moment

"They will become one in My hand. There will be one King over all of them. They're will be My people, and I will be their God. They will follow My laws and be careful to keep my decrees. I will establish them. My dwelling place will be with them. I will be their God, and they will be My people."
EZEKIEL 37 : 15-28

"Be still, my soul; thy God do undertake to guide the future as He has the past. Thy hope, thy confidence let nothing shake; all now mysterious shall be bright at last.
Stand back and watch the Lord manage your mess into a glorious outcome."

"Get ready; be prepared, you and all the hordes gathered about you, and take command of them. So that the nations may know Me when I show My self holy through you before their eyes. And so I will show my greatness and my holiness and I will make Myself known in the sight of many nations. Then they will know that I am the Lord. I will make known My holy name among My people. I will no longer let My holy name be profaned, and the nations will know that I the Lord am the Holy One. It is coming! It will surely take place, declares the Sovereign Lord. This is the day I have spoken of. At my table you will eat, declares the Sovereign Lord. I will display my glory among the nations , and all the nations will see the punishment I inflict. From that day foward the house will know that I am the Lord their God. They will forget their shame and all the unfaithfulness they showed toward Me when they lived in safety in their land with no one to make them afraid."

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